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Inventory Reports

We make a comprehensive inventory of the contents, fixtures and fittings of your property, including photographs to supplement the report. The document is agreed by both the landlord and tenant and includes a full description of the condition of walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, paintwork, light fittings, woodwork, windows, radiators as well as all contents and their condition. When agreed and signed, this forms part of the legally binding agreement between owner/agent and the tenant.


  • No furniture recorded whatsoever
  • Kitchen appliances recorded where applicable


  • Basic living furnishings recorded, including beds, sofas, wardrobes etc
  • Fixtures and contents recorded, including crockery, cutlery etc

Check-In Reports

In creating these reports, our experienced inventory clerks use the inventory and compare it against the actual situation at the beginning and the end of a tenancy to ensure total clarity in terms of the state of the property and its contents.

The Check-In report notes any variation between the inventory and the content or condition of the property and contents. Our inventory clerk also reports on the condition of the property (also known as the "schedule of condition"), the cleanliness, and takes meter readings and ensures the check-in report is agreed and signed by the landlord and tenant or their representatives.

Check-Out Reports

The Check-Out Report is completed at the end of a tenancy when the condition and contents of the property are noted together with any differences to the Check-In Report. We then compile a Check-Out Report listing the changes.

Immediately after the tenant vacates the property, it is important to check the inventory so that there can be no subsequent disagreements about any damage which may have occurred.

Mid Term Inspections

Redwood Residential Inventories are able to provide Mid-Term Inspections where required. This is typically required when a landlord in unable to visit the property and would like a report of the condition and cleanliness of a property. It will usually take place mid way through, or at periodic intervals throughout a tenancy, and can be accompanied by the tenant.

360° Tours & Photos

Unlike video and 360 panoramas, virtual tours allow your customers to freely explore every room of a property, as if they were actually there. Having a virtual tour on your website means your show home, venue or shop is available to customers all day every day.

We use 360 degree cameras to generate accurate and simple to use tours, which can then be embedded into your site or hosted (see examples in Case Study section). Invite your customers on a tour of your property, showcasing the very best you have to offer, and highlight your favourite features as they look around. 

Moving around your virtual tour is easy and engaging. The virtual experience streamlines the decision making process for prospective tenants, buyers, investors and customers. 

Floor Plans

When marketing a property for sale, there are a number of attributes that buyers and sellers expect today as standard, but while property descriptions and photographs are both crucial, they alone are generally not sufficient. 

Whether viewing a property listing online or looking at the particulars in printed format, there are several items that most house-hunters will undoubtedly cast their eye over first in an effort to obtain as much information as instantly possible, and that includes a floor plan which will help them decide if the property is the right one for them.

From providing information about the size of the rooms to the general layout of the property, a floor plan usefully allows prospective buyers to understand how the space flows as well as the relationship or proximity of one room to another, which will give them a better idea of whether or not they should view the property in person, especially if they have a long way to travel. 

Aside from help people to visualise the layout of the rooms prior to visiting a property, a floor plan can also offer an applicant that 'quick reminder' of precise layout of the dwelling that is sometimes needed at a later stage, especially if the prospective purchaser has viewed several properties in person in a short period of time.